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Frank M Sheldon

Frank M Sheldon


I have been presenting Keynotes in person, online, and by live online video for some years although not always under that name. Keynotes is an approach toward becoming who we are by being a witness to our own experience. Wait, aren't we already who we are? Yes, but we often do not seem to notice because our attention is elsewhere. When we are a witness to our own experience, we are not trying to change anything, including ourselves and others. By being a witness to our experience, rather than a judge, we begin to accept ourselves as we are. By accepting ourselves as we are, our life is free to shift in whatever way it needs to shift, while still remaining functional and able to satisfy obligations.

Keynotes happens within larger projects all of which are currently connected in someway to my time of over thirty years with Guitar Craft.

My work with the
Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists and Guitar Craft is completed in its present form. New sprouts are now emerging from old growth: many of these sites are still active. Projects of various kind seem to be in the wind. I am currently playing a part in Orchestral Maneuvers At-A-Distance III: Live! which would seem to be making a place for itself on new ground recently made clear. Meanwhile, I have in the last few weeks committed to some other in-person projects related to the above in Seattle and elsewhere.

"The Workshop is dismantled, its work continues."

me, although I know it's not about me.
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