Frank M Sheldon
    With the completion of the Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists, Guitar Craft was intentionally allowed to cease to exist. My work and play has since found a place with a few of the new sprouts that have emerged. I will be playing a part with Orchestral Maneuvers: Live this fall and, I have committed to an in-person project near Detroit for this winter, Creating Music Together. This August, I participated as an undocumented creativity coach in Tiny Orchestral Moments, a performing and recording project made up of local players as well as musicians from South America, Europe, and New Zealand who traveled to Seattle just for this. The recordings of the marvelous and beautiful music that came out of the performance and studio sessions at Bear Creek should be available in 2018. With some of the same people, I will be on the staff for Seattle Guitar Work Weekend: Orchestral Management, happening on Bainbridge Island, WA on Sept 22-25.

    "The Workshop is dismantled, its work continues…"
    — R. Fripp